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As a fun way to raise awareness and donations for the fromNZwithLove and Christmas for Christchurch projects, I dreamed up this challenge of generating 100 donations in 100 days and popped it on Facebook.

The idea is to involve those who want to contribute, but aren't necessarily crafty by encouraging donations of items and services to be auctioned off to raise funds, volunteering of time and sourcing of materials for crafters. Crafters can pledge to make items or donate items as well so please do!

I know that not everyone is on facebook, so if you want to donate you can comment below. This will all be counted in the countdown to 100 in 100 Days - thus far we are at 5 donations!

Suggestions include:
  • Art work or handcrafts (e.g jewellery) that can be auctioned/sold to raise funds for postage
  • Handcrafts to send to Japan and to Christchurch (see Xmas4 Christchurch and FromNZwithLove pages)
  • Services (fitness classes, web design etc etc) that can be auctioned
  • Fabric and wool to be turned into amazing handcrafts
  • Offers of baking for Christmas for Christchurch
  • Volunteering of time to pack/post, distribute and manage logistics
  • Tickets to shows or performances (for your performing types)

And let me know if I'm too ambitious :-) Spread the love!

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