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As part of the short story writing course I'm doing through the NZWriters College, I have to (obviously) write the odd short story. We are given a brief and then off we go...

Here's the brief:
Alfred Matthews is a successful, wealthy man, aged 62. Although he was born to a poor family he now lives in a mansion on the river, drives a Rolls Royce and travels overseas on his company jet. Business associates see him as a hard and driven man who always comes off best in any deal.
Once he had made his first 5 million, he divorced his first wife when their daughter, Annie, was four, and married a beauty queen who left him ten years later. His daughter went to the best schools and he gave her whatever she wanted until she married Scott, a man he didn’t approve of. He then cut all ties with her and hasn’t seen or spoken to her for fifteen years.
Now he is lying in hospital, very ill, after a sudden heart attack. He is on life support but still conscious and aware of his surroundings. The doctors have told Annie to come as soon as she can because he might not last the night. She brings her nine year old son, Michael, with her. Michael has never met his grandfather before this. They are standing next to his bed and Alfred opens his eyes.

Write at least 200 words on this situation from each person’s point of view. Write it as though they are telling someone else about their experience. Keep all your writing in the first person.

Here's the outcome (I got carried away and went beyond the 200 words per person, turned it into a story and voila!... this came with a fab grade and great comments!) -
I know it's small - bear with me as I work out this technology  but you can also read a fullscreen version
Pride and Promises


Hannah Banana said...

Well done Miko! I enjoyed your story - trying to write 200 words is hard aye. I'd have a tendencey to go over the allowance... I almost feel like taking this brief and having my own go at it. I would do it from a totally different angle. Interesting! I love that we can all have the same brief and come up with different stories! I like your writing style too. xx

Miko said...

Thanks for the support Ms Hannah Banana - trying to keep it to 200 words is my challenge - I'm such a waffler! Now what would you come up with on that brief? I'd love to see it...