Monday, March 18, 2013

It's been a while...

Hmmmm it certainly has been sometime since I sat down with a desire to blog. Babies can do that to you. So can life I think, when you get all washed up and need to really rethink, refocus and determine what's important.

We did and we came up with: Family... so now we're homeschooling and I've a brand new, exciting blog called: what we do all day . Ms M's Bliss may become part of cyberspace junk...or maybe I'll add to it as the writing journey continues...

Keep smiling and I'd love it if you'd like to follow my latest adventure!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby, baby, baby oh...

Let me see, where HAVE I been... after feverishly promising to keep blogs updated, blah, blah, blah I discovered all my energy was needed to grow a baby! Yes, we are expecting baby number 3 at the end of July (currently we're heading into week 14). I imagine my blog may become somewhat baby focused, but bear with me, I am still staying crafty...

We had pretty much 'decided' that we were not going to have any more after baby number 2, but we changed our minds. This was after donating/giving away and sending a great deal of our baby gear (especially blankets) to Christchurch following the earthquake.

Sooo....One thing I am inviting friends, family and followers to do is knit or crochet a wee peggy square for baby's blanket. It can be in any style as long as it fits the dimensions (11.5cm x11.5cm in 8ply (DK) wool). I think it would be absolutely special to have a blanket contributed to by friends and family - and names can be sewn onto the squares for an even more personal touch.

Wool is Crucci 8 Ply DK Machine Wash 100% pure wool - Shades: 59 (green), 71 (burgundy), 73 (blue) or 75 (orange) - any one of those colours would be appreciated. The pattern suggests size 5 needles (cast on 20 and knit until it's 11.5cm long), but if you'd like to share a square, then any size needle/cast on that gets the right tension is just perfect.

Let me know if you're keen to knit up a square (Miss K has started on her own garter stitch one) or just your thoughts/experiences and growing baby number 3 (and all the chaos I can expect), I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, November 28, 2011

With thanks

Just had to post this message on facebook from the team in Japan... Thank you to all those who helped make this possible.

Today we received 3 large boxes from Yumiko Olliver Gray's knitting pals from New Zealand. Check out those chic black postal boxes! The best part was inside though, more mittens, caps, mufflers and cute little creatures than you can shake a stick at! These are all hand knitted, obviously a lot of love and care went into making them. They will be appreciated more than the knitters will ever know. A...s we enter December it's already very very cold here in northern Japan. Nearly everyone that lost their home is now in temporary housing, but unfortunately these "houses" are thin walled and do little to keep the occupants protected from the extreme cold. Winter is harsh here, these items have come just in time. A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. Please count on us to get these to the people who need them.

Thank you again!
John Lofgren & members and friends of Sendai Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Group
You can read more about their work and see pics of our parcels here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Back and one last blast

I seem to have had a bit of a hiatus from blogging recently. Life got really busy. I'm pleased to say that we've knocked Miss K's eczema pretty much on the head (I'll update proper later) and the family headed off to Oz for a much needed 'reconnect' holiday after ther rugby world cup.

The FromNZWithLove project has been AMAZING. I have over 150 hats, scarves, gloves, slippers etc ready to send off next week to Japan. Our contact there tells us it is very cold and that people are living in thinly lined accommodation, so these items are really appreciated.

My last project for 2011 is Xmas4Christchurch. We will be sending Christmas (gifts, food, goodies etc) to a Mum and her two children (daughter aged 4 and son aged 3) who have had to relocate from Christchurch after the earthquakes. So... I'm collecting items (ideally handmade, but new is absolutely fine) for the family - clothing, toys, toiletries, home made baking for 'Christmas and beyond' (think too of the things they might need in the coming year).

If you'd like to help out (even contacting a courier company would be appreciated!) then please email me on hapachica at gmail dot com or leave a message below!

Let's get into the spirit of giving!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Could this be recovery...

Does anyone else have laundry mountains/volcanoes (that threaten to explode) instead of laundry piles?

this is my laundry mountain
This was my post on Face Book last night - it drew quite a few responses and I know that I am not alone!

Admittedly it's not quite as bad as it looks, because there are two duvets and a few sheets bulking it up... but there is more on the washing line! I've come to the conclusion there are at least three constants in life: taxes, toilet paper and laundry!

But the washing pile is somewhat metaphorical, and representative, of how life has been for us lately. It just feels as if things were getting bigger and bigger and bigger - growing almost out of control (not helped by erratic weather). BUT - when I took a deep breath and looked at things, and took some of the 'big things out' - it was manageable. More so when my two wee children pitched in and started to help. Miss K has even come up with her own solution: "I'll stop wearing clothes Mummy"!

And yes, things seem to be getting more manageable. Even though the lack of sleep is catching up with me tonight, even though there are million things I should be doing to prepare for Miss K's birthday party on Friday (she turns FIVE!), I am not stewing myself into a big ball of stress, and amazingly, we seem to be having a break through in Miss K's eczema, which I put down to several things:

1. Me - I am on annual leave from work (perfect timing). This has made coping with the long nights and demands of a needy sick child, who has missed more than five days of kindy over the last two weeks do-able I do have one other contract to complete, but that's ok. A more relaxed Mummy, means I am not reacting negatively to Miss K's scratching.

2. Healing. Last week we had a consult with a Natural/Spiritual healer, who as well as providing us with a lovely aloevera and emu oil cream, various natural remedies, and tapping into Miss K's energy, she has given me great support and a sense of being held. Since I've come across Rachel Tomkins "Jenna's Journey" she has amazingly stepped back and let us follow this advice, so not as to contradict it or to confuse us. I hope there are more healers like her in the world.

3. Discovering Rachel Tomkins 'Better Bods diet' through reading "Jenna's Journey". I spoke with Rachel yesterday and it was like talking to a food/allergy guru. All these lights keep going on in my head - it all made sense. I realised that when we found Miss K probably had a dairy intolerance, we took out dairy and replaced it with soy and rice milk - products that also contain a lot of what Rachel calls 'Goo'. Then we went wheat free - more introduction of foodstuffs that Miss K's system couldn't cope with. No more soy or rice milk. No more gluten/free flours etc.

Since Saturday I have been 'de-Gooing' our household, and increased some foods for Miss K that can help heal her little system. Tonight there has been no screaming in the bath. There has no prolonged itch fest before sleep. Her wee arms are dry, but they are clearing...

But de-Gooing isn't all that easy, especially when parcels from Japan arrive with sweet treats for her birthday. So, while I"m de-Gooing for the most part, we will de-Goo de-tox proper once the birthday weekend is over.

Add to all this mix is something Rachel said about Miss K: "she's a messenger" about our health and well being - this resonated profoundly with me. I am finding new ways of coping and thinking about life as we embark on this journey. I can proudly say, today I was a good mother. I mothered how I want to mother and I loved it.

In the interim you can see how Better Bods or as Rachel calls it FAITH  detox style (food as in the heavens) smoothie fares with my kids (raw milk (will be using coconut milk for Miss K in future), banana, frozen berries, raw cacao, raw honey and flax seed). Stay tuned for updates.

Happy days with berry smoothies

check out that smile and the berry smoothie, second helping next to him!

Miss K models her smoothie mustache. You can see the eczema on her neck a little.

Now... to finish folding that laundry.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lemons dished out, lemonade made!

It was 5am before Keilani made it to sleep. 5am! I don't think she slept before I found her scratching incessantly at 10pm, so we cuddled up and suffered through hours and hours of trying to drift in and out of sleep until I sort of exploded at 5am.

It seemed to be what was needed to 'clear the air'; within minutes, she was curled up fast asleep and slept until 11am. So no kindy for her again today.

Akira, bless his soul, woke up at 5:30am and no amount of convincing would get him back to sleep. He missed out going to his favourite play group.

But I made the most of a morning at home, playing with my boy. I threw a meal in a slow cooker for a friend who is having more to deal with than me. I hung up laundry and I talked with friends. A friend dropped by for a cuppa... it was lovely.

Despite the grumps and grizzles of Miss K.

I cleaned the bathroom.

There were smiles from my friend when she collected her meal. My two children had been AMAZING angels in the supermarket when we went to collect some forgotten items.

I have only really yelled three times today.

No body bid on the haircut auction on Face Book for 100in100 Days and .. BUT I can auction it off on Trade Me (auction 401925294) (it's ready to go and I may get more bids!).

My host sister in Spain has just had a baby girl. I spoke with Rachel of Better Bods (Jenna's Journey) - INSPIRATIONAL. Our natural doctor called to provide support and advice. There are real caring souls out there who love and nurture me.

And despite a ridiculous amount of sleep, I am somehow managing to blog while my daughter is nestled in my lap, and I am ok.

They weren't really big lemons but the lemonade sure is tasty!

Get a haircut for...$????

Auctioning off a hair cut with the lovely Amber at Hair on Rosetta (Raumati) tonight at 8pm on Facebook on 100in100Days Challenge.

It's worth $51.50 - you could get it for a bargin, or you could be generous for the FromNZwithLove and Xmas for Christchurch projects.

Could be a lovely treat for your or a friend - and you'll be doing a good deed at the same time!