New items are of clothing and toys are being accepted until May 5, 2011

Kind donators of garments

I've popped up this page so people can immediately find the information. Once the project has ended, it will be a little reminder of the fun, effort and aroha of a community.

Freight sponsors for the project 

On March 11 2011, Japan experienced a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, followed by a devastating tsunami. One of the hardest hit regions was Miyagi-ken, in particular Sendai, which was nearest the epicentre of the quake. My mother’s family all reside in Sendai. While they are all safe, there are many who are not as fortunate.

Fukudamachi Kindergarten - www.fukudagakuen.comTwo weeks after the quake, I spoke with my cousin, who teaches at Fukudamachi Kindergarten. The teachers had just completed most of the clean-up of the kindy and were now ready to welcome the children back. While almost all 200 students were safe, some had lost their homes, leaving them without clothing, toys and other basic necessities. Many children will be traumatised from the disaster and aftershocks are happening continuously.

The head teacher of Fukudamachi Kindergarten has welcomed an offer of a care package of clothing and toys which will be distributed to children in need. We hope that gifts made with love and care will provide a glimmer of light and hope during a terrifying time for the children, their family and community.

What we need
We welcome any donation of handmade new items that reflect the following considerations:
  • Children are aged 3-5
  • Clothing items are required more than toys.
  • Clothing can include skirts, shorts, tops, dresses, polar fleece, hats
  • Japan is heading into spring, but it is still very cool in the mornings/evenings in this part of the country (in March it is still snowing!).
  • Please consider weight and bulk
When delivering/sending your items:
• Include details of age/size and if relevant, gender

Be acknowledged
  •  Take a photo of you/your family/group and your item and email it to please do this as soon as possible (preferably before delivery of item) - please make it high resolution
  •  Include names and ages of those in the photo (the Japanese love to know people's ages!)
  • These will be assembled into a montage booklet for the kindergarten.

Can't craft but want to contribute
Items can be purchased if you are unable to make them, but we prefer them to be handmade. Purchases at felt aid ( or handmade for christchurch (on trademe) also help those affected by the Christchurch earthquake. You can ask the crafter to send them directly to me (I can email you when they arrive)

Where to deliver
Please deliver items on 28th April 2011 to 113 Riwai St, Paraparaumu, NZ or to Te Ra School office on Wednesday 4th May

Photos of the kindergarten and its children can be seen here (if using google, use google translate! (these were taken before the disaster).

Any questions or comments you can post or email to: