Monday, November 28, 2011

With thanks

Just had to post this message on facebook from the team in Japan... Thank you to all those who helped make this possible.

Today we received 3 large boxes from Yumiko Olliver Gray's knitting pals from New Zealand. Check out those chic black postal boxes! The best part was inside though, more mittens, caps, mufflers and cute little creatures than you can shake a stick at! These are all hand knitted, obviously a lot of love and care went into making them. They will be appreciated more than the knitters will ever know. A...s we enter December it's already very very cold here in northern Japan. Nearly everyone that lost their home is now in temporary housing, but unfortunately these "houses" are thin walled and do little to keep the occupants protected from the extreme cold. Winter is harsh here, these items have come just in time. A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. Please count on us to get these to the people who need them.

Thank you again!
John Lofgren & members and friends of Sendai Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Group
You can read more about their work and see pics of our parcels here.

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