Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lemons dished out, lemonade made!

It was 5am before Keilani made it to sleep. 5am! I don't think she slept before I found her scratching incessantly at 10pm, so we cuddled up and suffered through hours and hours of trying to drift in and out of sleep until I sort of exploded at 5am.

It seemed to be what was needed to 'clear the air'; within minutes, she was curled up fast asleep and slept until 11am. So no kindy for her again today.

Akira, bless his soul, woke up at 5:30am and no amount of convincing would get him back to sleep. He missed out going to his favourite play group.

But I made the most of a morning at home, playing with my boy. I threw a meal in a slow cooker for a friend who is having more to deal with than me. I hung up laundry and I talked with friends. A friend dropped by for a cuppa... it was lovely.

Despite the grumps and grizzles of Miss K.

I cleaned the bathroom.

There were smiles from my friend when she collected her meal. My two children had been AMAZING angels in the supermarket when we went to collect some forgotten items.

I have only really yelled three times today.

No body bid on the haircut auction on Face Book for 100in100 Days and .. BUT I can auction it off on Trade Me (auction 401925294) (it's ready to go and I may get more bids!).

My host sister in Spain has just had a baby girl. I spoke with Rachel of Better Bods (Jenna's Journey) - INSPIRATIONAL. Our natural doctor called to provide support and advice. There are real caring souls out there who love and nurture me.

And despite a ridiculous amount of sleep, I am somehow managing to blog while my daughter is nestled in my lap, and I am ok.

They weren't really big lemons but the lemonade sure is tasty!


Nikki said...

You are an amazing woman Miko, and I feel priveleged to know you xx

Miko said...

Nikki - thank you...people like you keep me going!