Monday, April 25, 2011

Bunnies, Eggs and all that jazz

Easter Monday already! I've been busy with bunnies and making skirts - well trying to - stay tuned for my 'crafting catastrophes' section coming up soon!

We had a delightful day with a group of friends from Miss K's kindy yesterday, complete with egg hunting, an 'egg throwing' competition and cute pompom chicks of the children- what fun! My friend Ms F did a magnificent job with preparing all of this!

Choco-over-fix-mousse My edible contribution was a chocolate Mousse from Jo Segar... after eating this version I decided I either need to add more sugar or make a mix of dairy and dark. It was a very 'grown up' intense flavour. But tempered by some gorgeous berry coulis (by Ms F) and my yoghurt/cream mix, it wasn't too bad. Not up to my usual standard though.

I love rabbits. I found this pattern on a blog called revoluzzza and had a go. First Ms K and I made a little pin cushion using a scaled down version. Then I put my sad sewing skills to the test - I had to have a practice before I made the proper ones to send to Japan. So here are two faceless little bunnies, but with arms and legs. I decided not to stuff them. While far from perfect, they are adored and I guess that is the true test of a softie- you can see Ms K has added her hair accessories to hers.
Master A's bunny was made from a soft brushed cotton, perfect for making Thomas PJs from (a future project) and shaped much better. Ms K's is a stiff fabric (her choice) and far less forgiving! I've stuffed them with carded wool. Still one can only get better! Next time I'll use less seam allowance - following instructions is important! (Miss K has named hers 'Rabbi').

I look at some of the wonderful craft blogs and see how amazing and talented people are - part of me wanted to only post what I would consider perfection, but for novice crafters, it's valuable to see that craft doesn't always turn out perfect the first time! Persistence and paitence are a must... I think I'll probably create a page of 'when craft goes wrong' some time in the future!

There is one bunny I am very proud with, now owned by a friend's wee man. I finally finished it 6 weeks after he was born, after beginning it about a month after I knew he was on the way! He's knitted in bamboo - beautiful to work with.


Hannah Banana said...

I can get a bit like that - only want to show the perfection (but people are often interested in seeing/learning how we get to the perfection along the way!). It shows we're human ;) I LOVE that bunny tho. Oh so scrummy.

Miko said...

Thanks heaps for the feedback - I learn HEAPS from my mistakes and if I can help others avoid them, then why not share! we are human! The bunny was so fun to make too