Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm committed to being honest on this blog (well within reason) and not so succesful moments will be recorded with the triumphs...

8:30am - Mr T and I were enjoying a wee bit of a holiday sleep in when we had a knock at the door. I excitedly thought 'gosh some of those deliveries for goodies are keen'... nope. It was the home insulation person popping in to do an assesment.

10am - 2pm - 'official goody delivery time'. Miss K has a wee play date and visit, complete with scones and tea. But no goodies arrive. Feel deflated. Remind self that there are lots of goodies are coming on Monday (according to friends!). I should add here that we also received a big bag of dress up clothes - some that even fit me! Ms K, Master A and I looked cute and crazy (me) in various dance outfits - just as well no one else arrived at the door. What a surprise they would have had to see me in a 'barefoot' flowy outfit!

2 pm. Start to scour Trade me for nz made or handmade t-shirts and leggings to buy. Intermittently work on pre-readings from work.

2:34pm Read email from Aunt B that another gorgeous quilt is on its way. Heather advises there are some more hats and scarves donated by Kapiti Craft Knitters. Heart feeling happy.

2:59pm- Knock on door - heart leaps... delivery of freezer Mr T and I have invested in to store veges and HUGE SACK of granny smiths from in-laws' tree.

3:22pm - Courrier man bangs on door. Gorgeous parcel from Lyndy at Stichbird and Lisa. Absolutely adorable. Hope is restored :-)

Have realised that probably should have made drop offs after work time and not assumed that everyone would be on 'holiday'. Another lesson learnt :-)

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