Sunday, May 1, 2011

Crafting Catastrophes and a Royal Wedding

I decided to set myself a wee challenge on Saturday and make two pairs of boys shorts for the Fukudamachi Kindergarten Project (FKP). I'd been to the local fabric shop and bought some lovely embellisment fabric for the cuffs and was all keen to go.

A wee while ago (hmmm maybe 2 years) I purchased a Sew Easy Pattern which included shorts. They are a little bit short and so in my infinite wisdom, I decided to elongate them and add the cuff to them - despite never having made the things before, and despite being a TOTAL sewing novice - it's all there in my head, the execution seems to be the problem.

First pair of shorts... after cuffing them, I sew the front panel and back panel of each side together, only to think that the pattern now seems upside down. The cuffs are all along the top and the legs dangling below - I am sure that I have somehow sewed cuffs to the wrong part of the shorts. Unpick everything, reattach and start again.

several unpicks, re-stitches and half a Royal wedding later, I produced the most ridiculous looking pair of long shorts ever - note that the whole pattern has been done upside down and the side seams are done incorrectly (the legs have not been hemmed for obvious reasons!) I blame the loud outfits of Fergie and Andrew's offspring for the distraction - but wasn't it a lovely wedding!

This is how they should have turned out, although this was not without its catastrophes as well. Because it's so hard to tell front from back on this material, I ended up with two cuffs facing the same way and had to unpick again. To add to the drama I had bobbin issues (getting stuck, not winding and running out) and small children requiring food and attention!

Successful Shorts
 Following my sense of 'success' I thought I'd be clever and finish another bunny - I forgot to slow down and check that the two right sides were together. AFTER SEWING I discovered that they weren't - one bunny less.... still I persevered...and voila I began on my pinny dress, which is so much more simpler. I just have buttons to add and the hem to do. Am hoping Ms K will model a full, completed version (barring any catastrophes in the interium. She likes it so much she's asked me to make her one and a pair of long-shorts too) - wish me luck!
Or as the Queen might say:

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