Wednesday, June 22, 2011

100 in 100 Days Challenge

Calling artists, craft hoarders, crafters, creators and anyone with imagination and a generous heart. Today is the official launch of the 100 in 100 Days Challenge. This Challenge aims to generate donations for my two Earthquake Relief projects (FromNZwithLove and Christmas4Christchurch).

While the projects themselves focus on handmade goodies to be shared with families in Japan and Christchurch, 100 in 100 seeks donations of all kinds that can either be sent directly or auctioned off/sold to raise funds for shipping and other new items.

Suggestions include:
  • Art work or handcrafts (e.g jewellery) that can be auctioned/sold to raise funds for postage
  • Handcrafts to send to Japan and to Christchurch (see Xmas4 Christchurch and FromNZwithLove pages)
  • Services (fitness classes, web design etc etc) that can be auctioned
  • Fabric and wool to be turned into amazing handcrafts
  • Offers of baking for Christmas for Christchurch
  • Volunteering of time to pack/post, distribute and manage logistics
  • Tickets to shows or performances (for your performing types)

 I'm working on matching donations of fabrics/wool to donations of time to knit/sew as well
What you can do - head over to the Facebook page or go to the page on my blog and leave a comment, better still a donation and share the aroha.


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