Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Button boo-boo? - UPDATE

Earlier tonight I posted:

Some lovely people are taking up the cause and sharing the love with my fromnzwithlove button (see sidebar or specific page)- I managed to make the button from an online tutorial and it is possible that I have done it WRONG!
I have had one lovely blogger, who is sharing the love, advise me that the button ain't working. If anyone else has added it to their blog and has the same prob, please let me know - or if you just want to test drive it for me, please do!

Since then I have done some detective work and discovered I had missed of an all important " in the html code. Hats off the web designers who do all that backend work to make sites look pretty! And big thanks to Sweet Georgia and the Crafty Squirrel for pointing out my mistake!

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