Monday, June 13, 2011

Crafty Critters

Say hello to Mr Hoot and Ms Mila Mermaid! These are two wee creations I whipped up over the past few days in between feeling really strange with a virus that sends your balance all out of kilter!

Mr Hoot is taken from 'Sew it, Stuff it', borrowed from our local library. They use a sort of tweed fabric for a lovely brown owll, but I used shirting/pj material and he's lovely and soft and a perfect cuddling size. He was breeze to sew up for a catastrophic crafter like me - after all the bits were cut out, he took just 35 mins from start to finto on the machine. Hoot's a hit with Master A who has taken him to bed and even settled himself to sleep with it!

Miss K has gotten all excited about Mr Hoot and is 'making' some of her own. I'm going to try a variation on the pattern without wings and possibly enlarge it to make an owll pillow!

Miss Mila Mermaid (named after the newest addition to Miss K's kindy class) is a pattern I made up, loosely based on the one they have in Sew it, Stuff it, but I drew my own pattern and did all my own embellishments. I'm very proud of this felt creation, but I now know why felt toys are generally small. Miss Mila is longer than a shoe box and it took forever to blanket stich her head/body. By the time I did that I was over blanket stich and slip-stiched the tail. Miss K decorated Miss Mila's tail before it was put together. She's getting very good with a needle and thread.

I think I might have mumbled somewhere on this blog that I was trying out knitting with double pointed needles in preparation for sock-knitting for the FromNZ with Love project? I started out with cupcakes... Cupcakes are not my forte, but the socks are looking better.

I'm also posting one of my other felt pictures I made about a month back. Master A adores the kindy chickens, so what better picture to give him...?

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