Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From NZ with Love

After the success of the Fukudamachi Kindergarten Project, I'm about to embark on another handmade craft focused project. Well two actually.

One is called From NZ with Love - the name was a combined effort of some talented friends, and the gorgeous button has been created by a talented kindy mum (amongst other things) Justine Hamill.
The idea is that through my family in Sendai, and other contacts in Japan, we will identify some families (maybe about 10 -15) who have lost everything in the recent disaster, and would have their spirits raised with a little bit of aroha. The project is long term, with the aim of sending items in November (plenty of time to get those needles clicking and machines sewing)

 In Japan, many families still reside in extended family situations. In November/December it's getting mighty cold, so I'm thinking beanies, scarves and socks for grandparents and dads. Mittens/gloves welcome for mums and kiddies. Tote bags (for groceries/books etc) or sweet aprons for Mums - little things that are a little bit special, practical, but unique to say - "we haven't forgotten you".

Project number two is closer to home. Based on a similar idea, families who lost so much in the Christchurch will receive wee parcels for Christmas - small decorations, stockings and trinkets to help restart a Christmas collection that might have been lost in the earthquake. I am still working on the details of this.

To get around the postage/duty issue in Japan, I'm hoping to keep the items small and the focus small, and send small parcels via NZ Post. I have some funds left over from the last fundraising, and will also be selling a few items that were donated for the Fukudamachi project on Trade Me to help cover the postage.

This is just the 'pre-view' - I'm working on connecting with families now. Details of when and where to send items will be up in a few weeks, but in the interim, if you have any suggestions/ ideas/ comments please share and pop back for the button soon!

For those who are nearby in Kapiti, I'm hoping to host a few crafty nights to get the ball rolling!

I also found this tutorial on Mommybits as to how to make an image into a share-able button. I learnt lots today!

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