Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And they're off...

I said a fond Bon Voyage to two big boxes of goodies for the Fukudamachi Kindergarten Project on Monday. I feel a little like I've sent a child off into the big wide beyond. Life was breathed into it, lots of love, sweat and tears invested. I worried how people would treat my little project - there were some that ignored it, but so many wonderful people opened their arms and their hearts and embraced it, gathering the kaupapa into their own hearts and magic happened. As the boxes head on their way, I hope, as I hope for my own children when they head out into the great beyond, that they will bring smiles and awhi (support) to those who need it.

It's been an amazing journey. I have grown closer to my family in Japan. I have learnt how to be a better sewer, and reminded myself that yes, I am a born, bossy, organiser. I have been humbled by the generosity of individuals, families and companies. I know that there is more to be done (coming soon!). For the next week or so I'm going to have a rest, indulge in my babies and let the next idea simmer. It's a long term project, still focusing on crafting with intent.

My cousin, Kazue, (who is my Mum's cousin, but the nature of the affection is like immediate family and it is far less complicated to simpy say 'cousin') in Japan is excited about the in-coming goodies. She and her daughter Miki (who works at the kindergarten), are amazed at the generosity of so many people and in true Japanese fashion asked if there was anything we would like from Japan (in return). She was told ,under no uncertain terms, that all we wanted was for smiles and happiness!

To every single person who has been a part of this project - THANK YOU. Without you, it would still be just an idea.

And from the crafting catastrophe files - a near miss and a wee triumph:

Fat mouse  (catastrophe)- I've made one of these before - much skinnier -this one is made from different wool and maybe I mis-read the belly size. I've ended up creating a mouse that needs to go on a diet. The pattern said it was a toy that could be slipped into a pocket... will have to be a BIG pocket, but I'm hoping a child in Japan loves it.

A Very Simple Dress (wee triumph) - thanks to Ikat Bag's Jumper Dress pattern and tutorial, a wee bit of inventive applique and voila, I made this. So easy, so cute, that Miss K has asked for one (with a butterfly), as this one has gone into the box.
And as a wee treat to myself, I attended a fantastic felt-picture making course at Te Ra School over the weekend. This is a babe in a cradle that I made for Miss K. Master A has a chicken picture that has been recently repaired - it slipped off the table (or was it pulled?) and in his distress he bundled it up. Luckily it's so forgiving I could steam it back together. Will post pic soon!

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