Monday, May 2, 2011

Kindness in bulk

NZ Businesses are amazingly kind and generous. As a result of some fundraising and generous donations from friends and family, I had a small pool of finance to purchase some extras. Before wonderful NZ Couriers-International came onboard I was going to use this to pay for the freight, but their kindness has covered this.

I approached two NZ companies to see what they were able to do for us with the limited funds available.

CoochyCoo NZ offered discounts on their T-shirts and free postage of their items here. There are some kiwi inspired tees about to head to Japan shortly! Check out their cool NZ themed range and merino wear for kids and adults.


Marselme have donated over $1400 in value of clothing for less than 10% of that. I got the email from Robyn today. People's generosity and sincerity in wanting to help others is truely incredible. I have learnt just how big hearts can be. If you are in need of merino undergarments or fab kids wear, please support them.
Marselme Cape

Marselme Merino 

Washi Egg Tree

  Here's my Washi Egg Easter Tree, complete with origami shapes that resided in Te Ra School office for a week (note the gathering of people in background for the Harvest Festival). Over $100 was raised for the FKP. Many thanks to the warm hearts and deep pockets of fellow parents, students and staff - some who continue to donate with their gorgeous hand crafts.
Bigger eggs sold for another fundraiser


Craftysquirrel said...

Love the Washi Easter eggs - did you make them and if so are you able to share it on your blog? They look fantastic and would love to make some for next year (or sooner!)

Miko said...

Thanks for the feedback on the eggs - what a good idea about posting a tutorial. I'm planning to make xmas baubles from Washi paper too - it's the same principle, so will definately do a tutorial once the FKP is done :-)