Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arrivals and new ideas

Boxes of goodies for Japanese kindergarten children reached my cousin's home on Friday. Toys and clothing were being distributed on Monday. Imagine the smiles!

My cousin commented that it was so nice something was being done especially for the children as she thinks there's been a lot for the Big People. So...the next project will be something that is family and kid focused and I'm hoping to launch it next week.

In the interim I wanted to give a bit of support to some other great causes related to the Japanese Disaster. Check out Tim Williams Charity for NZ & Japan announcement for New Zealand Time Out.

This TVNZ news item on the determination of a Kiwi to support those in Japan is a touching reminder of how much work will be needed in the future.

Working on ideas for project number two and would love to hear your thoughts/ideas too.

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