Thursday, May 5, 2011

Children's Day

It's Children's Day in Japan today. Usually I would put up the decorations and make a celebratory meal, but our house looks more like Christmas, and I have a sense that we are honouring the day in our own unique way.

I look back to my earlier blog where we faced empty baskets and waited for goodies - I could not have anticipated the outpouring of generosity that has swept through our door this week. Thank you to big hearts, clever hands and generous pockets. Take a look:

beanies, felted bunnies and a woollen vest

warm toes in those

hello felted bunny


sweaters, vests and scarves

felt finger puppets and toys

gorgeous skirt, applique top and scarf

Miss K holds up fab donations from Remba

Heather and Mr B packing the boxes

Heather and I were busy sorting and packing today. At 6pm,  Mr T rolled home with a few more goodies, the second box is pretty much full! There are the lovely clothes from Marselme, new undies, socks, t-shirts from coochycoo and leggings as well!

Ms M (me) with Remba's goodies, and our sponsor!

Today, on Children's Day, there will be tears in Japan shed for children lost, children found and tears of relief for those that are with their families. Remember to hug your own babies tight tonight. It's Children's Day.


Rebma said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! ^_^ So many wonderful creations for the kids! I'm soo happy to have been a part of this project! :)

Miko said...

I'm so happy that you have been too! Thank you for the shorts - sew badly and you shall receive (I'm talking about my efforts!)

Annika said...

What a great aid project. Those kids will be so happy to receive their boxes!