Sunday, May 29, 2011

Escaping in a Secret Affair

A Secret Affair (Huxtable Quintet, Book 5) by Mary Balogh
 As per my usual book selection practise at the library (running past grabbing something eye-catching), this book entered my repertoire. I had no idea it was Mary Balogh's final in a quintet series, and the cover is not the same as this crimson cry here, but I loved it.

I love books that make me escape, give me a bit of romance, hope and unexpected twists. If it hooks me from the outset and has characters that make you curious and are generally 'likeable', I'll read to the end, even if I can anticipate the ending. I don't mind expected endings if they are expected. What I can't stand are so called twists in the tale that I've already worked out (that's another blog).

This wee novel captivated me because I wanted the heroine to win. I'm a sucker for romance. I love period pieces and books that make tears prick at my eyes, despite predictability. If you want some good old chick-lit, with a bit of sauciness (not much, but enough), then here's a good, easy read. Nothing heavy, nothing cerebral, just a good story.

Cover image from Amazon
Source:The Crafty Minx
The only area I do manage to get a good nosey into is our library's craft book section. I've just been skimming 'The Crafty Minx' - I'm probably late in the game to discover her, but oh so inspiring (not that I've had a go at making anything yet!). Oh yes, she has a fabulous blog, yet another I am going to be totally addicted to - ideas to make, but not enough time to commit to! What I loved about the book is that it is seasonally compatible with New Zealand - yes, Christmas in the summer!

My current crafting catastrophe is trying to knit with double pointed needles!(dpns) I'm trying out cupcakes, with some interesting results. Now that I've figured out which way I'm supposed to go, they are turning out a little better - not as good as my edible versions - but when I've finally got a bottom that actually fits a top, I'll post a picture!

My aim is to be able to knit socks for my next Japan project (coming soon - just trying to decide on the proportions!) Dpns are required for sock making!

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