Monday, August 15, 2011

And in the news...

Snow has made the news up and down the country - we've had a good dose of it on the usually sunny Kapiti Coast - and meanwhile I've made the news in my home town of Feilding, thanks to a lovely friend, Jacquelyn Collins. You can read more of her on her blogs

You can read the news article in the Feilding Herald right here! Hopefully this will keep the momentum going!

As for the snow, I'm blaming Miss K. Two days ago she came out all perturbed as a fairy had taken one of her crystals she left out for it, but there was nothing in return. She assumed that a wish had been left instead and went out in search of her 'rocket ship' that she's been 'building'. No rocket ship. "Perhaps that wasn't the wish you are getting" her wise mother counselled... "I wish I could see snow," she muttered a little while later.

And now look what's happened!

This was the light smattering at 8am - more was to come!

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