Sunday, August 14, 2011

Felt and food

I've discovered felting! I started on a wee gnome yesterday and had to finish her while trying to watch 'Lewis' last night - my fingers bear the scars, but it is so addictive!

My my two poppets requested penguins, a 'rainbow fairy', a 'bumble bee fairy', a lady bird and a butterfly... a few sharp jabs to the fingers later and I've got a rather eclectic family happening.

I think I shall be making a few somethings to send to Japan and Christchurch. On that front, I 've had some lovely donations of wool, an offer of a beanie, there are some bears winging their way to me soon and my dear friend Jo is going to do an embroidery... the donations are steadily coming in.

I felt that things were getting a bit jumbled on Ms M's Bliss, this one shall stay focused on arts and crafts and lovely important causes. I've started a new food blog where you can find easy recipes and yummy treats:, so do pop over if you're so inclined - I'm expecting you!
recipe available at

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