Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gaps and festivals

The gaps seems to be more prominent than the entries at the moment - plenty of excuses (including Mr T's kidney stones, chicken pox and the ongoing challenges of little sleep due to the itches of eczema...I'll update that soon...) but just wanted to blog that I am still here, there is still momentum in the projects and I still hope you're reading!

In relation to Sendai, our wonderful kindergarten teacher put in motion a celebration of the Tanabata Festival yesterday. The story behind it relates to two star crossed lovers, separated by the gods, but allowed to meet once a year, during which time wishes are granted.

This is one of the festivals that Sendai is most famous for and despite the quake and tsunami, it has celebrated it this year. There are some great videos on youtube showing the festival.

 There has been an online call for people world wide to share their wishes as part of the celebrations, so if you have a spare moment, do add yours!

I made some little origami decorations for our bamboo wishing tree (these are small, simplistic versions of the BIG ones) - maybe I'll get around to doing a tutorial on them. The little boxes are so delicate, I thought that they could also be stylised for xmas or other celebrations - let me know if it's worth doing a tutorial... the washi egg one is still on my to-do list!
Origami tanabata decorations

Our kindy wishing tree
Wishing you all aroha, tranquility and inspiration... hoping to load some 'succesful' dairy free and gluten free eats soon...

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