Monday, August 22, 2011

Blog for smiles, blog for help!

I usually blog when I am feeling upbeat and excited and full of smiles. That was last week. This week I feel like I'm scraping  the bottom of the barrel with too little sleep and worrying myself silly about Miss K.

We have been dairy free for about 7 to 8 weeks and wheat free for about 3 - 4. There has been some improvement in the folds of her elbows, but little else. She is still scratching herself silly at night, and I am dry-wrapping her to try and keep some of the moisture in.

Her back - this is 'good' compared to the rest of her!
I have recently taken her to both our GP (who is holistic in approach) and she has been given some sulphur tablets; we are also seeing another natural healer who provides us with wonderful support and natural remedies. There are days when I want to take the short road, apply the steroid creams and other ickies and move on, but I know that these 'fix the itch', they don't get to the root of the cause, and there can be long term side-effects.

The challenge is that her eczema, given it's winter, is quite hidden. At present it ain't on her face, hands or feet, but it's mad everywhere else!

Sleep is a forgotten luxury (isn't it for all parents lol!). I don't remember the last time I had an uninterrupted sleep. When I finally have Miss K back down (usually after a bath to cool her skin, more emollients and a good cuddle and rub to sleep), Master A wakes up. I remember when he was in-utero, he used to wake up at 2am and play the bongos for about an hour at least. That pattern continues even though he's 2 and a half. Some nights it's just a wake up, other nights, it's a cuddle and lie there chatting for 2 or 3 hours! Some mornings, 4am is the new 7am.

I am hanging in there. Mr T is in what he calls his 'full on phase' with four major works in progress. I am proud of the amazing events he gets to be involved with like WoW and Kowhiti. There are nights when I wish he wasn't in the arts and was home more as we maneuver this struggle, but he's amazing at what he does and he supports me the best he can.

I discovered a book called 'Jenna's Journey' that described a huge shift in the way Rachel (her mum) engaged with food and cured Jenna of her eczema and 24 allergies. The photos alone were enough to convince Mr T that this was something to try. So we are - I'll blog my progress as we go and you'll probably notice new meals coming out on my dinner@mikos blog!

In my quest to understand allergies and eczema I've learnt that it can take upto 72 hours for a food allergy/intolerance to become apparent and that it can take at least 5 or more weeks for the body to detox from that allergy/intolerance!

My causes linger in the back of my mind - I don't have the time or energy at the moment to chase up other bloggers, crafters and Facebook pages... but they are still ticking along. I have faith that what is needed will be provided. There's going to be two online auctions coming up on 100in100Days Challenge -one for a haircut at Hair on Rosetta in Raumati, and then there are two sets of tickets to the Cocktail Evening of the Premier of Kowhiti (valued at $100 per person each) - that should make you smile if you win! And if you feel so inclined, share the word, spread the love :-)

This post is a long one - but I'm smiling. I know others are having a harder time of it than me in some places...I feel better. Yup - blog to smile!


vinnie and madds said...

Miko.. I am feeling for you! I can imagine how hard this must be for you.. and it will pass, you know this :) I hope this Jenna's Journey helps. I know a wonderful homeopath in Raumati Beach whose daughter and son both have food intolerances, salycilates specifically, I think.. and she's got them pretty sorted.. also and wheat and dairy issue.. I can give you her number if you like. And there's a hug coming to you when I see you next. XO Erin

Miko said...

Thanks Erin - yes, that's the parents' mantra that keeps me going 'this too shall pass'. All info, numbers, suggestions gratefully accepted - where one thing doesn't work, shall try another :-)