Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seeking eczema answers

In my hunt to get to the bottom of Miss K's awful lumps, bumps and itchings, I came across a copy of 'Jenna's Journey: how I cured my baby's eczema'.  There is info on their approach on the Better Bods website, but I was wondering if anyone else had tried it.

Progress is very slow with Miss K's skin situation. I know that it will probably get worse before it gets better as all those toxins need to come out of her little system - but some sleep would be wonderful, and something to not only ease her discomfort, but my own, of seeing my baby so blistered and sore.

Thoughts appreciated :-)


Anonymous said...

Hello:) Sorry I haven't read your other posts about this but I'll give my 2 cents:) I had really bad eczema when I was little, it was horrible. I think the only way to get it sussed is to go to someone who will treat your daughter as an individual rather than copying what has worked for other people. I went to a place called Motherwell in Auckland for my son, they have different types of natural health practitioners and work together, I found that much better than going to heaps of different clinics. They make up the perfect creams and remedies and when compared to things like pinetarsol and hydrocortisone they are amazing! While I think both of those things are soothing and do clear up the skin to a degree they aren't the best for long term. It seems like I was allergic to everything, luckily I've grown out of it now and don't get it so bad. One other thing I found helpful was rescue remedy, for calming and it will help her sleep, but you can get them specially made up to suit your daughter. I did a post on my blog about eczema and someone recommended using one of those baby teething necklaces, their meant to help with it, I haven't looked into this though. Cranial osteopathy is also really good, I went to one when my son was first born for his neck but it was also really good for his skin. Sorry if you have heard this all before, I hope Miss K gets her eczema sorted really soon, I know how painful it is! x

Miko said...

Thank you Michelle - it is all so helpful and hopeful... I know it will get better and it is great to surround myself with likeminded/experienced Mums... your suggestions are really great. Will dig out the teething beads too!