Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three cheers for the little stuff

Hurray for the things in life that make the hard stuff easier.

Hurray for Zumba - I FINALLY got back to class after about a 3 month absence and feel like I've got my 'mojo back'. Zumba is better than a cup of coffee, a block of chocolate or St Johns Wort  - it's my tonic and it feels so good to get back to class. If you are ever in Kapiti and need a boost of energy check out ZumbaKapiti. Nat and her team are amazing - this is not an endorsement, this is me raving because I feel so good (and I must say it's been a long time!)

Hurray for friends who surprise you with a dinner - my friend Rose texted me this morning and said she'd like to make me dinner. Mr T has recently appeared in the local newspaper outlining the four major gigs he's invovled with and I'm sure my pals are taking pity on me in his absence! Rose made a fabulous gluten free, dariy free dinner: Dahl, rice and apple crumble - it was a real treat.

The 100in100days Challenge is ticking along - we have had 32 donations (ranging from offers of help to spread the word, to gorgeous dresses - yes, photos to come) and there are 51 days left.

Today life is feeling good, despite having to wet-wrap Miss K tonight as her skin has erupted in bumps again... do I abandon the d/f and g/f????? will hang on for one more week. There have been improvements, but is it worth it...

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Stitchbird said...

Hi Miko - have tried emailling a few times but without success. I have a pack of dry nites here for you from a comment you left over on my blog. If you can send me your postal address I will pop them off to you. Thanks and best wishes Lyndy